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How Premium PlayLists & Model Groups Work

I've decided to create "Model Groups" as a way for members to only follow and get updates from their favoite Thugnasty Models.

  Each Playlist in every group will be password protected however, the password will rarelyl if not never change which means expired members who purchase Passwords can still stream vids with an expired subscription. 

Every time I add a new video to a model's playlist I will also upload pics in that model's group and you will see the update on the homepage under "What's new on the site". 

Some models will be administraters of there group and will provide updates on events, availability and location.

I'll be Adding Groups Randomly as i go so please Bare with me.  I apreciate your patience.

Contact ThugNasty If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns!

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you can also inbox me on the website.

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